Ping Pong Paddle Hornet Serises


  • NEW INCREDIBLY COOL DESIGN – perfect for youth tennis racket. The appearance of this table tennis bat will not go unnoticed.
  • PING PONG RUBBER RACKET WITH HIGH QUALITY RUBBER – on fighting off the surface. High quality sponges – 2мм for really fast ball speed.
  • THE HIGH DEGREE OF TWISTING OF THE BALL – in this type of table tennis product will allow you to go from being a Beginner to a confident Intermediate player, so that you can reach your potential in ping pong games.
  • EXCELLENT TECHNICAL RESULTS – found in this table tennis racket for amateurs: fast speed – 82, unpredictable spin – 91, stable control – 79.
  • 5-PLY PURE WOOD STRUCTURE – is a classic for wooden tennis racket. Handle of table tennis racket is FL.
Unpredictable spin – 92
Stable control – 79
Fast speed – 82
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