Hornet series by Sport Game Pro


New on the market Ping Pong Paddle SPGM Pro Hornet Series – is a classic rubber racket with high quality 2 mm coating on the surface for a really fast ball speed.

Excellent stylish and colorful designs are combined with excellent technical characteristics in the table tennis racket. This is for enthusiasts, not professional players. For those who love ping pong games.   

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The high degree of twisting of the ball

In this type of table tennis product will allow you to go from being a Beginner to a confident Intermediate player so that you can reach your potential in ping pong games.

Sting like a hornet with your new table tennis bat.

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Warranty – 30 days

Warranty – 30 days. – We offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite confident that you will love the power of it and will always be glad to have made the decision of buying it.

Unbelievable opportunity to buy a ping pong rubber racket perfect for nailing the backspin of the ball during the game, which will allow you to significantly improve your skills.


High-quality 5-ply pure wood FL handle “dovetail” conveniently fits into your hand and does not cause discomfort during the game.

Classic 5-ply pure wood structure, matched with 2.0 mm high quality rubber, creates persistent base-strength, stable control, and unpredictable spin.

Excellent price-performance ratio in a cool design for those who are looking for an original, special paddle racket to get even more pleasure from your favorite game.

Excellent technical results – found in this table tennis racket: fast speed – 82, unpredictable spin – 91, stable control – 79.